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6 Ways to Support Your Employees' Mental Health

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Running a business is about more than just creating a product or providing a service. A business is a machine comprised of every element that makes it run - including the humans whose lives are defined by their role in the company. Each person contributes their time and skills to the business and, in return, the business provides the structure for a lifestyle based around that work.


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Employees who are exhausted, burnt out, or unable to seek support for personal concerns will not be able to give their best work to the company. Conversely, employees who are healthy and have a good work-life balance tend to be more fully present and committed to their work. Thus, not only is access to physical health care and benefits extremely important, but mental health support also plays an integral role in the overall wellbeing of a person.


Wondering how to incorporate mental health support for your employees? Here are six leading ideas that your business can easily implement for more holistic employee health and wellness support.


1) Group Benefits Plans, Including Mental Health Services

A good, comprehensive group health plan should provide access to a wide range of healthcare services and coverages. While employers are accustomed to offering benefits like medical, dental, and vision, it's becoming increasingly common for employers to offer employees group benefits plans that include generous coverage for mental health and/or behavioral health services. When choosing a plan for your team, it's important to carefully review the covered services, access methods (in-person, telehealth, etc.), and network of available health providers.


2) Integrate an EAP - Employee Assistance Program

An EAP is a voluntary participation program where employees can seek assistance when and how they need it. EAPs often offer a combination of confidential counseling, assessments, and professional services to aid in issues that go beyond standard workplace challenges. This set of services is available for employees to participate in through recommendation or based on their own schedule and needs. When employees have somewhere to go and tools available to handle mental health concerns or common life stressors, they are more likely to find solutions and regain their personal balance.


3) Connect Employees to Mental Health Telemedicine Services

With so many employees now working remotely and in hybrid roles, workplace resources aren't always the right answer. Having an on-staff counselor or even available appointments with mental health professionals are not available for those in quarantine or living far away. This is why telemedicine has taken on an elevated importance. Connect and sponsor employees to use a mental health telemedicine service. This makes it possible to meet counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and other help professionals through video meetings and live chat instead of meeting in person. Telehealth is often affordable with on-demand plans available.


6 Ways to Support Your Employees Mental Health

4) Create a Supportive and Flexible Work Environment

You can also support mental and emotional health by creating a work environment and company culture designed to diffuse stress instead of create it. Cultivating a welcoming and mental-health-positive attitude in the workplace encourages employees to seek help when they need it without fear of stigma. Absolute privacy ensures that employees feel safe to address personal issues. An accepting culture can also help reduce the types of stress and mental health challenges that might stem from the workplace.


5) Designate Time for Meditation, Mindfulness, and Exercise

De-stress your routine by setting aside time for quiet personal reflection and processing of emotional energy. Some people will prefer to meditate, some may appreciate guided mindful exercises, and some will prefer physical movement and exercise. Designating decompression moments can help to focus and relax your team to improve overall mental health and immediate productivity. The more high-intensity your business and schedule may be, the more useful these designated decompression moments become.


6) Provide Education and Opportunities for Stress Management

Equipping your team to self-manage mental health is also a great strategy for creating a more balanced and self-directed team. Many people know how to meditate, exercise, listen to music, or talk to a confidant to process their ongoing mental health or stress concerns. With the right tools, each person can handle most of the usual stressors and challenges that life can throw. This makes for a more balanced workforce and healthier, more actualized members of your team.


Businesses can implement many types of support for employees. From building the right company attitudes about mental health to providing resources and mental health services through a health plan, you can ensure your team has what they need.  Contact us today to learn more about our benefits and mental health support for your team and find the right option for your business.

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