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Regardless of shape or size, ScalePEO makes paying your team a breeze. 

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Do Payroll Right

Fast, efficient, and secure-- ScalePEO helps you do payroll right, each and every time.

Automated Deposits

Ensuring employees get paid on time. We've got that covered.

One-Off Payments

Changes or corrections? No problem, we understand life happens.

Payroll Tax Filings

Never worry about tax deadlines and accuracy again. We are experts at the tax game.

W-2s and 1099s

End of year processing made easy.

Multiple Schedules & Pay Rates

We know payroll does not always come in one shape and size. Flexibility is key.

Multiple employee types

Full-time, Part-time, Salary, Hourly, and more. We can do it all.

Full-Service Payroll

All online and flexible for your needs...

Payroll Integrated with HR

With ScalePEO, your payroll data is automatically integrated with HR, which means you don't have to rekey anything from one system to another. Not only do you save time but you decrease the risk of error.

Easy-to-Use Payroll Reports

Review payroll data through the built in reports and compare it to previous payrolls and historical averages to ensure it’s accurate.

Track Time According to Your Needs

Choose from a variety of clocks including mobile app, webclock, biometric, employee PIN, and more.

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Peace of Mind

We not only file your payroll taxes, W-2s, and 1099s for you, but we also stay up-to-date on the latest changes to employment regulations. You'll receive the resources and support you need to make staying compliant easier. 

Safe and Secure

Control what specific data, fields and reports each individual can see. Everything is safe, and your team only sees the data they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am very nervous about moving payroll. Last time we did it, it was a nightmare. How do you ensure the process goes smoothly?

We know and understand that moving payroll is a very, very big deal which is why we have a team dedicated solely to implementation. This means you will have an Implementation Specialist there to help you every step of the way.

Will this replace my payroll administrator?

Nope! Not unless you want it to. We’ll still need someone internally at the office to approve payroll, PTO, sick days, etc. We can work with your current payroll administrator to maximize their productivity and help strengthen the payroll process overall.

Our company has a pretty complicated commission payout, how do you handle specific commission schedules?

The client enters the gross commission amount on the timesheet during regular payroll. If commission is off-cycle payroll, then ScalePEO will create the additional payroll once the commissions are entered.

Is payroll integrated with timekeeping?

Yes, time & labor is integrated with payroll and HR which means time data flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR. There is no need to export and import time data between payroll. This makes it easier than ever to set up your team, eliminate manual processing, data entry and other related issues, and save your staff valuable time.

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