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Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Consolidate and reduce your HR workload with ScalePEO. Between onboarding new hires, developing your current rock-stars, and staying compliant, HR functions are an ever growing vital component to a successful business.

PTO in One Place

Managing paid time off, made simple. Set up your vacation and sick leave policies in ScalePEO. Track accruals, approve time off requests, set your holiday calendar, and sync your ScalePEO PTO calendar with your own.

Online-Only Employee Onboarding

Onboarding your employees to ScalePEO is simple and automated. They’ll do everything online, from entering direct deposit details to picking health insurance plans!

Easy Access to the Right Info

Securely connect employees with their individual information. In our system, your employees will easily find their W-2s and you can upload performance reviews, stock option grants, and more.

Flexible Permission Management

Rest easy by giving the right members of your team access to various functions within ScalePEO. Your accountant can make expense reimbursements, your head of HR can approve PTO requests, and your COO can elect benefits.

Company Info to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keep your team on the same page with a company directory, place to store company policies, and a calendar with birthdays, anniversaries, pay dates, and more.

24/7, Full-Service Support Along the Way

Lead your team forward with 24/7 support from ScalePEO. We provide you with the HR tools and support you need to create a great place to work.

The Right Tools for Your Team

Our robust platform offers tools to make your day-to-day HR tasks simpler and more streamlined.

Employee Handbook Builder

Access templates and guides designed by professionals in a comprehensive HR resource center.

Time Off Requests and Approval

Manage time off requests right in ScalePEO to sync it with payroll and your calendar.

Anonymous Employee Surveys

Keep a pulse on how your team is feeling and get actionable feedback each month.

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HR Advice On-Demand

Get your important HR questions answered by certified HR pros.

Org Chart

Create a visual of your team, departments, and reporting structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your HR Pros certified?

Yes, our HR Pros are certified by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) and /or the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). We have PHR, SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-CP, and SHRM-SCP certified professionals. In addition, several of our HR Pros have other advanced degrees, including MBAs and JDs.

If I work with Scale will I be required to let my current HR Manager go?

No. Think of ScalePEO as an added resource for HR managers or administrators. We help them save time on repetitive administrative tasks and reduce their overall workload so that they can focus on bigger-picture initiatives like employee retention and development. To see more ways ScalePEO can benefit them, see our blog: How Outsourcing HR Can Actually Help Your Current HR Manager.

Will I still have the final say in hiring and firing decisions?

Yes. You will maintain 100% direction and control of your employees. Although we proudly offer assistance with recruiting, onboarding and training we do not make your hiring or firing decisions—those remain totally under your control.

What does the onboarding process look like?

While our typical onboarding process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, we can often accelerate that timeframe given timely receipt of all required group documentation and goodcommunication. During the onboarding process a Scale Project Manager works side-by-side with our Implementation Manager and the Group Champion (often the HR or Group Administrator).We build out the client’s shell, employer and employee information, load benefits information and elections, and complete a payroll testing to ensure information is loaded and reflecting correctly. Next, both the Scale Project Manager and the Group Champion sign-off on the completion and success of the onboarding process and the group goes live for all employees!

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