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New Employee Orientation Checklist

Have you ever wondered what was the actual catalyst for an event, catastrophic or benign? The REAL r...
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How to Help Your Managers Communicate Better

Here’s a startling statistic: Nearly 70% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their empl...
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Managing Your Managers

As business owners, executives, and supervisors are all aware, managing employees is one of the hard...
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5 Simple Steps to More Efficient Meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting that left you feeling like you just wasted a bunch of time? If you'...
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Energize Your Safety Training With These Easy Tips

National Safety Month is observed annually in June. However, workplace safety should be a top priori...
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3 Tips for Effective Employee Coaching

The performance of your company is directly tied to the performance of your employees, so one of the...
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Why Training Your Employees is Good for Retention

There’s an old joke about an executive who worries that training their employees will be a bad inves...
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