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New Employee Orientation Checklist

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Have you ever wondered what was the actual catalyst for an event, catastrophic or benign? The REAL reason that things end up the way they do, or at least one of the reasons? As HR professionals we often ask this question in regard to SUCCESSFUL and UNSUCCESSFUL new hires.  

Most of the time, we do not get evidence to create vast and sweeping changes to organizations and processes, but once in awhile.....you strike gold. In this case, the "gold" is how creating a solid foundation from day one for new hires, specifically, the process and approach you take on those important first days on the job affects their retention, happiness, overall output and cultural alignment.

"Most of the time, we do not get evidence, but once in awhile.....you strike gold."

On an employee's first day, it's easy to miss a step with numerous forms to complete and notices to read through. To help teams maximize their time and help them turn just-okay first days into great ones, we have developed an interactive "New Employee Orientation Checklist." Our team of dedicated experts at ScalePEO have developed, tested and refined this robust checklist with a single goal: to help you effectively welcome new members to your team with a smooth orientation process.


We understand that hiring and onboarding is a taxing process that takes away from the actual work that is needed to be a successful and growing organization. Let us help you speed up a part of your new hire process today with our checklist. Our list helps ensure that you don't miss a step with important forms and notices, while also providing helpful tips such as:

Forms to be completed by Employee:

  • Form W-4  Tip: make sure to share this info with your payroll representative.
  • Form I-9 Tip: once the employee has completed section one, you or a designated company representative will be required to complete section two. Retain the completed I-9 in a separate I-9 file or binder.
  • State Withholding Form (if applicable) Tip: make sure to share this info with your payroll representative.

Notices to be provided to Employee:

  • CHIP Notice
  • Notice of Exchange and Subsidies Tip:  There are two versions, one for employers who offer health insurance, and one for employer who do not. Be sure to use the appropriate version.

View the rest of the reminders by downloading the interactive checklist.

Ready to take the next step and find out how ScalePEO and our team can help you take your company to the next level? Click here to learn more and get started!


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Jennifer Eddlemon, aPHR
Jennifer Eddlemon, aPHR
Jennifer is a licensed life and health agent with over a decade of experience in the insurance industry, and an aPHR certification. Outside of the office she loves horseback riding, volunteering, and spending time with her family.

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