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If HR Isn't Your Strength, Outsource It

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If HR Isn't Your Strength, Outsource It

You are busy running your business, you have it all figured out and everything seems just perfect…until something like new government regulations go into effect, or an employee gets hurt on the job, or a discrimination lawsuit notice arrives, or a payroll deadline is missed, again. All you really want to do is run your business, grow your dream, and bring your passion to life!

Let’s put this into perspective… my right foot hurts. Should I do anything or am I just getting old? I don’t know what to do, so I procrastinate. I continue to live with the pain, but now my left knee begins to hurt. I know, I will call my dentist, after all I trust my dentist – I have known her for a long time and she is very accomplished. So I make an appointment. She is sincere, she listens to my story about my foot and now my knee – and then says “open wide.” She does a complete oral exam and reports no problems and sends me on my way. My right foot still hurts and now I walk with a limp because I am favoring my left knee. I trust my dentist – what could be wrong?

Yes, I know that example is pretty far reaching…but you get the point. In this example, someone needs help from a professional with a specific skill set, yet they relied on a trusted person without the skills and knowledge required to fix the problem. This trusted person does not want to disappoint a long-time patient and therefore, she fails to admit to her patient that she does not have the required skills or interest to diagnose the problem. This is not about weakness or inadequacy, but recognizing when to ask for help from the right source.

So…is HR your strength? Are you asking the right people to help move your organization ahead? Have you ever considered a different way to fish or are you still stuck in the same mode of “we have always done it this way?”

Do the phrases below ring any bells?

• Increase Profitability

• Increase Productivity

• Reduce Time Doing Transactional HR

• Reduce Liability

• Reduce Labor Costs

If they do, then maybe you should explore HR outsourcing, a cost-effective way to manage your HR issues and employee stuff. Human resource outsourcing (HRO) is no more than seeking out a relationship with a company that has the required education, experience and expertise to diagnose the problem and help manage the process that leads to a treatment plan and a cure.

So, what is HRO really? An HRO service provider can craft a solution using a multidisciplinary approach to manage the complexities of being an employer. Yes - an employer – the unwilling participant in the new American lottery for employees driven by the legal system.

An HRO provider should be able to weave together a solution that considers your business needs in the areas of: Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Risk Management, and Workers’ Compensation. An effective HRO provider can work with you to craft a solution that compliments the leadership of your organization and allows your leaders more time to focus on the business and operational challenges. These various disciplines or areas of expertise, working together form the infrastructure required to manage any business from a human resource perspective and help assure legal compliance.

Now back to my sore foot…..

I finally found someone that told me the truth and got to the source of the problem. After I lost 40 pounds my foot stopped hurting and my knee was better. You’d think the solution should have been obvious just by looking in the mirror.

So, the question is, do you have the right expertise for your issues? Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Brent King, Guest Contributor
Brent King, Guest Contributor
Brent King is the Managing Director of IntegreatHR Technologies. He has two decades of experience helping companies take care of their people and brings extensive knowledge of HR and technology solutions.

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